MAC Speaker Bio - Steve Tyree

From 1994 to 2005 Steve Tyree made captive reef presentations to 4 MACNA events, 1 WMC event, numerous hobbyist clubs in the US and once to England. Since about 2006 however, Steve has been primarily retired from speaking and only rarely speaks at special occasions or at new events. During the 1990's he was one of the central pioneers in the early captive SPS market and hobby. His first presentation at a MACNA was in 1995 and may have been the first all SPS presentation at a MACNA event. During the 2000's he was again a pioneer promoting limited edition or rare corals. Around 2006 he began to organize and host coral shows and that has become his primary concern in the 2010's.

Steve also began developing and researching a sponge based cryptic filtration system around 1997. After 20 years this natural filtration system has matured into a zonal based system based upon cryptic cave sponges. The pioneering filtration system concepts have also been verified and enhanced by scientific research that reef biologists conducted in recent years. Steve has now written two books on the subject as well as two books on the specific related filtration organisms. A fifth book was previously written that was a summary of research concerning reef building stony corals.

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