MAC Speaker Bio - Kelly DeLaVergne

The Seahorse Whisperer on YouTube and Facebook, Kelly DeLaVergne shares the voice of all seahorses in her articles and videos! A seahorse keeper and breeder for 4 years, and reef hobbyist for even longer, she uses her experiences and knowledge to help educate people about seahorses in general and how to be successful with them in a home environment. She was featured on a Youtube challenge, and her videos attract thousands of viewers wanting to learn about seahorses and macroalgae.

An outspoken advocate for captive breeding programs, Kelly is a member of the MBI (Marine Breeding Initiative) and MASNA (Marine Aquarium Societies of North America) and interviews scientists, breeders and other professionals on her weekly live show Wine Wednesday with the Whisperer.

On her in-progress website, Kelly aims to provide the most up-to-date information about seahorses and macroalgae and create a community for the niche crowd called the Seahorse Whisperer Society (SWS). The SWS has already hosted events like Women in Reefing and Seahorse & Pipefish get togethers at MACNA 2018.

Mentored by Cruz Arias in the art of reef keeping and algae care, Kelly's macroalgae displays have been featured on many forums, and her article Macroalgae for your reef was published in Reef Hobbyist Magazine. She will share ways to successfully set up for seahorses and run a workshop about macroalgae during the Midwest Aquatic Convention.

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