MAC Speaker Bio - Cruz Arias

Cruz Arias has been a quiet character in the hobby since the early to mid-1990s. He was, in his own words, blessed to be mentored by some of the pioneers in this hobby. His primary mentor was Leng Sy of Ecosystem Aquarium. Leng taught Cruz extensively about the delicate balance within a Living Filter and the core concepts of Nature in a Box.

Cruz recently teamed up with Julian Hechavarria and joined the heavy hitting Midwest Coast reefing community. They established Elegant Corals, LLC combining their overall knowledge in the hobby. Elegant Corals took the hobby by storm along with Cruz's innovative methodologies and regimens. One of these innovative practices was the utilization of micro-nano sized bubbles. Based primarily upon the postive aspects of fresh aeration and oxygenation.

Elegant Corals also establised Authentic Edition corals and distributed its first AE coral through the company Reeffarmers. This innovative AE line of corals is restoring many of the legendary and original Coral Classics back to the hobby. They also are attempting to establish order to many controversial sps lineages. And anyone who witnessed their release of the first AE Coral, Leng Sy Montipora, knows that establishing true lineage will require extensive effort.

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