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The Coral Farmers MarketSM company supports, promotes and helps organize events featuring the free market exchange of living reef corals. We provide supporting infrastructure and also have a working relationship with some of the best coral selling vendors and farmers on the US mainland. Our vendors typically sell farmed or cultured fragments of corals, but we have opened up some non-sanctioned events to all coral sellers. If an event is closed to whole imported colonies, it will be a sanctioned event with rules and restrictions.

NEW - CFM Pro Tour SM Events in California !
The Coral Farmers MarketSM company has brought some new coral shows to its founding state of California. The Silicon Valley Coral Farmers MarketSM coral show was held on February 11th of 2017. The event was very successful and our total paid attendance was the highest ever for a CFM event with no speakers. For the first time we had to hold back entrance and close off the event for short intervals. This was due to max occupancy restrictions. We decided to move the event and hold a second SV-CFM coral show in 2017. A larger venue was found, but to get our costs reasonable we entered a 3 event deal with the new venue. Our second SV-CFM occurs on August 5th 2017 at West Valley College in Saratoga California. The third and fourth events will occur in 2018 on February 10th and August 4th. We informed all our vendors about these new 2018 dates in early March of 2017. But we better let the general industry know also to avoid scheduling conflicts. We are also starting a new coral show in Southern California. The West Coast Coral Show occurs on May 5th in Buena Park California. That will be an annual event. The Silicon Valley Coral Farmers MarketSM coral show will be biannual for 2017 and 2018.

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